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Course Length
Pre-Course: 2 Hours
Face-to-Face: 8 Hours
Post-Course: 2 Hours



Successful participants are eligible to attend the Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach, Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach, and IAAF Kids' Athletics Coach courses. 

Course Statement

The 'Level 1 Recreational Run Leader' Course introduces how to lead a recreational run group under the guidance of a Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach or higher. In the course, participants learn the fundamental skills of running and how to design the warm up and cool down components of a session. 

Topics include the introduction to training runners, encouraging long-term participation, design of warm-up and cool down, fundamental skills of run, run training elements and how to successfully lead run groups.


Course Accreditation

The Level 1 Recreational Run Leader course is certified by Athletics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission, National Coach Accreditation Scheme. All successful participants are eligible to be nationally accredited as a Level 1 Recreational Run Leader. 

Expected Competencies

At the completion of the course it is expected that coaches will be able to satisfy the following criteria:

1-RRL-1: Provide an environment for a recreational runner that is inclusive, enjoyable, safe and fosters maximum participation. 

1-RRL-2: Cater for the social and physical capabilities of individual participants.

1-RRL-3: Assess and manage the risks associated with run leading.

1-RRL-4: Observe and understand the fundamental movement skills of running.

1-RRL-5: Plan and implement a warm up and cool down, and implement a training session.

1-RRL-6: Demonstrate the key principles of effective communication methods and begin practising effective and positive feedback.

1-RRL-7: Understand the structure of athletics in Australia so as to best support runner's involvement in the sport. 

1-RRL-8: Understand the Accredited Athletics Coach Framework within Australia. 

1-RRL-9Adhere to the requirements of the Accredited Athletics Coach, including registration, member protection, and codes of conduct. 

Pre-course Work

All participants are required to complete the Community Coaching General Principles Online Course and PBTR Child Protection Module prior to attending the face-to-face component of the course. 

Course Resources

Level 1 Recreational Run Leader Participant's Manual


Registration for this course is available online by visiting the Course Calendar or by emailing Athletics Australia for more information. 

Program Curriculum

- Coaching to Enhance the Learning of Beginners

- Long Term Participation

- The Fundamental Skills of Coaching

- Run Training Elements - Endurance, Speed, Strength and Absorption

- Run Leader in Action

- Communication Skills


At the successful completion of this course, participants will be awarded Level 1 Recreational Run Leader accreditation and membership with their Member Association. Click here for more information. 

Level 1 Recreational Run Leaders are expected to be able to assist within a running group under the guidance of a Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach or higher. 

Recognition of Prior Learning

For those who believe they may already have achieved the competencies of a Level 1 Run Leader and would like to apply for recognition of prior learning, please click here

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