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Recommended Coaching TextBooks

Texts Recommended by Accredited Athletics Coaches

The following texts have been recommended by Accredited Athletics Coaches as useful resources to support your coaching. While we do our best to share the cheapest option available, if you do find a cheaper price for any of the resources listed below, please let us know so we can share it with the wider coaching community. 

If you're an Accredited Athletics Coach and have a text to recommend, let us know!

Title Author Year Topic Cheapest Price Found: Hard Copy Cheapest Price Found: Digital Copy
Faster than Lighting: My Autobiography Usain Bolt 2013 Sprinting $19.07 (Free Shipping) $17.99 (Kindle)
ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription American College of Sports Medicine 2017 Sport Medicine, Injury Prevention $46.59 NA
Physiology of Sport and Exercise with Web Study Guide 6th Edition  Larry Kenney, Jack Wilmore & David Costill 2015 Physiology $149.54 $88.05 (Kindle)
Clinical Sports Nutrition 5th Edition Louise Burke & Vicki Deakin 2015 Nutrition $105.36 (Free Shipping) NA
Your Workout Perfected Nick Tumminello 2018 Strength and Conditioning  $28.97 (Free Shipping) $14.81 (Kindle)
Applied Sport Psychology: Personal Growth to Peak Performance Prof. Jean Williams & Vikki Krane 2014 Sport Psychology $130 (Free Shipping) NA
Athletic Development: The Art & Science of Functional Sports Conditioning Vern Gambetta 2006  Strength and Conditioning  $36.40 (Free Shipping) or $27.45 (Plus Shipping)  $23.29 (Kindle)
Here It Is Paul Roos 2017 Leadership in Sport  $18.99 (Shipping from $5.00) $12.99
Daniels' Running Formula (3rd Edition) Jack Daniels 2013 Distance Running $25.64 (Free Shipping) $15.99 (Kindle)
Teaching Games for Understanding Linda Griffin & Joy Butler 2004 Coaching Philosophy $47.43
(Includes Shipping)
Strength Band Training (2nd Edition) Phil Page & Todd Ellenbecker 2010  Strength and Conditioning $26.18 (Free Shipping) $14.49 (Kindle)
Coaching Excellence Frank Pyke 2012 Holistic Coaching $36.00 (Free Shipping) $24.20 (Kindle)
Physiology of Sport and Exercise with Web Study Guide (6th Edition) Larry Kenney, Jack Wilmore & David Costill 2015 Physiology $132.99 (Free Shipping) $78.30 (Kindle)
Research in Sprinting - What Science Says About Speed Jay Edwards 2012 Sprinting NA $1.03 (Kindle)
Fueling Young Athletes Heather Mangieri 2016 Nutrition $26.15 (Free Shipping) $19.54 (Kindle)
Strength Training
(2nd Edition)
National Strength and Conditioning Association - Lee E. Brown (ed.) 2017 Strength and Conditioning $37.12 (Free Shipping) $22.45 (Kindle)
Running Science Owen Anderson 2013 Distance Running $41.46 (Free Shipping) $25.89 (Kindle)
Coaching Better Every Season Wade Gilbert 2016 Holistic Coaching $31.22 (Free Shipping) $23.00 (Kindle)
High Powered Plyometrics James Radcliffe & Robert Parentinos 2015  Strength and Conditioning $25.50 (Free Shipping) $21.41 (Kindle)
Conscious Coaching Brett Bartholomew 2017 Coaching Philosophy $40.69 (Free Shipping) $11.99 (Kindle)
The Trail Runner's Companion: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trail Running and Racing - From 5Ks to Ultras Sarah Lavender Smith 2017 Distance Running $32.06 (Free Shipping) $15.36 (Kindle)


While we try and keep prices up to date, they are subject to change and you should check the price when ordering. Athletics Australia is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. There are links on this page from which Athletics Australia can earn a small commission. This adds no cost to you 

Featured Text

Coaching Better Every Season

The Coach Doc, Dr. Wade Gilbert, shares his research-supported doses of advice that have helped coaches around the globe troubleshoot their ailing programs into title contenders. His field-tested yet innovative prescriptions and protocols for a more professional approach to coaching are sure to produce positive results both in competitive outcomes and in the enjoyment of the experience for athletes and coaches.

Coaching Better Every Season applies to all sports and guides coaches through the critical components of continual improvement while progressing from one season to the next in the annual coaching cycle. It also presents many practical exercises and evaluation tools that coaches can apply to athletes and teams at all levels of competition. This text is sure to make every year of coaching a more rewarding, if not a trophy-winning, experience.

I have owned a copy of this book for over 12 months and continue to regularly refer back to this fantastic resource. I've seen it referred to as the 'bible' of coaching, and agree that this is an apt description. It covers every element of the process of coaching and really will leave you coaching better every season.

Unless you have a particular fondness for a hard copy book, this is one resource you will probably want to purchase digitally. Having it on your phone or iPad wherever you are is ideal for a resource like this, where you will want to come back to it regularly over a long period of time.

The book was initially reviewed in Athletics Coach (April 2017) and now at just $22.63 for the digital version, it is fantastic value for Track and Field coaches.

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