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Profile biographies thanks to David Tarbotton and the Australian Paralympic Committee

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London 2017 - AUSTRALIAN para-ATHLETES










Full team list

MEN (22):
100m: Brayden Davidson (T36, SA), Rheed McCracken (T34, Qld), Sam McIntosh (T52, Vic), Evan O’Hanlon (T38, ACT), Chad Perris (T13, ACT), Scott Reardon (T42, ACT)
200m: Rheed McCracken (T34, Qld), Chad Perris (T13, ACT), James Turner (T36, NSW)
400m: Jake Lappin (T54, ACT), Sam McIntosh (T52, Vic), James Turner (T36, NSW)
800m: Deon Kenzie (T38, Tas), Jake Lappin (T54, ACT), Rheed McCracken (T34, Qld), James Turner (T36, NSW)
1500mJaryd Clifford (T12, Vic), Kurt Fearnley (T54, NSW), Deon Kenzie (T38, Tas), Jake Lappin (T54, ACT), Michael Roeger (T46, SA)
5000m: Kurt Fearnley (T54, NSW), Jake Lappin (T54, 5000m)
Long Jump: Brayden Davidson (T36, SA), Nicholas Hum (T20, Vic)
High Jump: Aaron Chatman (T47, Qld)
Shot Put: Cameron Crombie (F38, ACT), Todd Hodgetts (F20, Tas), Martin Jackson (F38, Vic), Russell Short (F12, Vic), Jessee Wyatt (F33, Vic)
Discus Throw: Guy Henly (F37, NSW), Daniel Kirk (F44, SA), Russell Short (F12, Vic)
Javelin: Cameron Crombie (F38, ACT), Jayden Sawyer (F38, ACT)

WOMEN (15):
100m: Angela Ballard (T53, NSW), Brianna Coop (T35, Qld), Erin Cleaver (T38, NSW), Isis Holt (T35, Vic), Ella Pardy (T38, WA), Carly Salmon (T35, NSW)
200m: Angela Ballard (T53, NSW), Torita Blake (T38, Qld), Brianna Coop (T35, Qld), Isis Holt (T35, Vic), Ella Pardy (T38, WA), Carly Salmon (T35, NSW)
400m: Angela Ballard (T53, NSW), Torita Blake (T38, Qld), Jemima Moore (T54, ACT)
800m: Angela Ballard (T53, NSW), Madison de Rozario (T53, NSW), Jemima Moore (T54, ACT)
1500m: Angela Ballard (T53, NSW), Madison de Rozario (T53, NSW), Jemima Moore (T54, ACT)
5000m: Madison de Rozario (T53, NSW)
Long Jump: Erin Cleaver (T38, NSW), Sarah Walsh (T44, NSW)
Shot Put: Sarah Edmiston (F44, WA), Louise Ellery (F33, ACT), Claire Keefer (F41, Qld), Brydee Moore (F33, Vic)
Discus Throw: Rae Anderson (F37, NSW), Sarah Edmiston (F44, WA)
Javelin: Rae Anderson (F37, NSW)

Team StaffAndrew Faichney (Team Leader), Lynda Gusbeth (Team Manager), Amy Hibbert (Team Manager),Kate McLoughlin (Team Manager), Lisa Elkington (Doctor), Victoria Moore (Head Physiotherapist), Greg Fyffe(Physiotherapist), Cameron Elliott (Physiotherapist), Trish Jenkins (Massage Therapist), Michael Jordan (Massage Therapist), Iryna Dvoskina (Coach), Brett Robinson (Coach), Sebastian Kuzminski (Coach), Philo Saunders(Coach), Andrew Dawes (Coach), Louise Sauvage (Coach), Fred Periac (Coach), John Eden (Coach), Hamish MacDonald (Coach), Breanne Clement (Coach), Matthew Crawford (Wheelchair Mechanic), Elisha Gartner(Personal Care Attendant), Steve Caddy (Personal Care Attendant), Simon Yash (Personal Care Attendant),Sascha Ryner (Media Liaison Officer)

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