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ARMC - Communique 4

ARMC - Communique 4

Author: Anonym/Monday, 12 October 2015/Categories: All News, Events, Media Releases

The Athletics Review Monitoring Committee, constituted by representatives of Athletics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), was established following the release of the ‘Independent Review of Athletics in Australia’ and ‘Glasgow Review’. During August, the ARMC met at the ASC offices in Canberra to review progress made against these reviews.

Management is using Goalscape Tracker (software) to measure progress and manage priorities as it implements the recommendations of the IRAA. A high level illustration of the summary of progress is included below. Behind each ‘spoke’ in the hub sits an appropriate layer of information, detailing progress made, current status, next steps and other considerations. It is proving a useful tool and we thought we would share the top-level summary. We will share more detail with our next communique, following the next meeting of the ARMC.

Independent Review

Recommendations 1/2
-          The draft Vision, underpinning the Strategic Plan, was well under development and would be workshopped with management and staff, Member Associations CEOs/EOs and Little Athletics state and national bodies through September before being discussed at a joint meeting of the Board and Member Association President’s. Throughout October, it was  anticipated that the draft Vision would be canvassed at series of meetings with a wide range of stakeholders.
-          In regards to stakeholder consultation, a stakeholder survey had been launched and distributed to 60 respondents, including representatives from, but not limited to, the ASC, SISAS, commercial partners and event providers. The view was that once a benchmark had been established, the survey could be repeated and used to track stakeholder sentiment.

Recommendation 3
-          Michael Rich (Blackhall & Pearl) reported that the Independent Board Review was progressing well. At the time of meeting he had concluded a detailed review of materials and conducted 16 interviews over 33+ hours.
-          His draft report would be provided to the Board in September, with findings to be utilised by the Nominations Committee as it conducted a search for new Directors.

Recommendation 4
-          CEO KPI’s had been finalised, as had those of the senior management team. Managers are now currently in the process of establishing KPIs for other executive staff.

Recommendation 5
-          The ASC had been working with management and the Audit & Risk Committee to finalise the Risk Management Plan for the organization. This has now been completed and would be considered by the Board of Athletics Australia for approval and adoption at its September Meeting.

Recommendation 6 & 7
-          Two new senior appointments (Tracey Gaudrey and Kitty Chiller) commenced work in July and June respectively and had already started to make a positive contribution.
-          A staff survey was launched through People & Culture area. The general feedback was very positive about changes made during the preceding six months but concerns were expressed over the lack of clearly defined position descriptions, policies and procedures and a lack of awareness of the functions of other areas of the business. AA has subsequently put measures in place to encourage and share information across the business. Pleasingly, staff generally indicated that they enjoyed their work environment.

Recommendation 10, 11, and 12
-          The organisation is already benefiting from the additional resources allocated to the commercial area. Work underway included a commercial review of the Australian Athletics Tour; a long-term strategy for competitions, to take advantage of the opportunities created by the 2018 Commercial Games and beyond; and mapping a complete review of commercial opportunities.
-          CEO Phil Jones reported that he hat met with ATFCA President Dennis Goodwin with a view to working more closely and better defining the respective roles of Athletics Australia and the ATFCA. Athletics Australia and the AIS had each agreed to provide some financial support for the ATFCA National Coaching Congress, and both would be in attendance.

Recommendation 13
-          It was reported that the Officials Education Program had been completed and would very shortly be online. Officials remain a priority audience for Athletics Australia.

Recommendation 14 & 15
-          The recent focus had been on preparing the team for the World Athletics Championships in Beijing. Following this event, all athletes, coaches and management would be surveyed with a view to establishing benchmark for use against future events. This survey was to be conducted by an independent company with the financial support of the AIS.
-          It was also reported that work had commenced on planning performance for the post-Rio era. The first reports on this will be shared with the AIS in October.

By design, the focus of this meeting was on the progress against recommendations contained in the Independent Review of Athletics, rather than the Glasgow review. More time will be allocated to discussing progress against this during the next meeting of the ARMC.

Our next update will be held after the meeting to be held in mid-October.

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Athletics Review Monitoring Committee


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