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ARMC - Communique 3

ARMC - Communique 3

The Athletics Review Monitoring Committee publish their next update

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, 17 June 2015/Categories: All News, Events

The Athletics Review Monitoring Committee (ARMC) held its third meeting on 9 June to continue to address and monitor the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Glasgow Review and the more recent Independent Review of Athletics in Australia.

Over the past month there have been a number of developments that are relevant to the Reviews. For purposes of brevity, this report presents highlights rather than a complete narrative on progress against each recommendation:

Independent Review

Recommendations 1/2:
-       Recommendation 1, which called for a strategic forum and a coaching forum, has been expanded beyond the simple facilitation of the forums to be wrapped up in a greatly expanded community engagement and strategic planning process.
-       Recommendations 1 and 2 will now be taken together, with a 10-year vision underpinning a new strategic plan. To this end, further work has been undertaken in relation to the development of the 10-year vision. Over the past month, the CEO has had meetings with five of the eight Member Association Board of Directors, the Board of Little Athletics Australia, the ATFCA and Park Run, during which the development of the vision was discussed.
-       Member Associations are now in the process of advising on the most effective way to engage with the Club network. It is expected that engagement on the vision will continue until early October, at which point the focus will turn to the development of the plan.
-       The draft rolling Strategic Plan will be tested and further developed with the broader athletics community from early December ahead of finalisation by March 2016.

Recommendation 3:
-       The Board of Athletics Australia, supported by the ASC, has appointed Blackhall & Pearl to undertake a Board Performance Review. They were appointed in a competitive process on the basis of relevant experience, the proposed tailored approach, the agreed outputs from the process and value for money.
-       The review will take an in-depth look at the collective performance of the Board, the skills of the various Directors, as well as individual director performance.
-       It will also look at the Committee structure and skill sets required on the Board in the future. This work has commenced already and the review will be completed by September 1.

Recommendation 4:
-       The Board has signed off on a number of principles and a framework by which a review (audit) of Committees will be undertaken. The framework sees the current Committees redefined into one of four different “groups” within the structure of Athletics Australia, with each fulfilling a different, defined function. This has been shared with Blackhall & Pearl, who will also provide advice in this area.
-       The Board is in the process of finalising KPIs for the CEO that will be applied in the final year of the existing strategic plan. These will be signed off by the end of June. The Operational Plan for 2015/16 also articulates defined KPIs across the senior management team.

Recommendation 5:
-       A Risk Management Plan has been developed and is being considered by the Audit and Risk Committee.

Recommendations 6 & 7:
-       At the recommendation of the CEO, the Board has signed off on a revised organisational structure that will be implemented immediately, as it was felt that there were some business areas that needed to be addressed ahead of the development of the Strategic Plan.
-       The highlights of this structure include the establishment of two new senior management positions: General Manager, Commercial and Growth and General Manager, People and Culture (part time).
-       Details on these appointments, Tracey Gaudry and Kitty Chiller respectively, are available here.
-       Both roles will be for an initial period of 18 months whilst agreed changes are implemented. The Board has also agreed to a set of governance policies to help ensure that senior management can deliver on the strategic plan in the appropriate environment.

Recommendation 10, 11 and 12:
-       There are a number of commercial products and projects in development currently at Athletics Australia. Furthermore, Athletics Australia has recently also applied for grant funding for three projects:
1/ Establishing Athletics’ value proposition for the recreational market;
2/ A competition property development strategy; and
3/ A coaching development and professionalisation strategy
-       It is anticipated that the appointment of the new GM, Commercial and Growth will also make a great contribution in this area.

Glasgow Review
-       Additional media training to be provided to the Head Coach and the HPD ahead of the World Championships (1)
-       KPIs established as part of the Operational Plan for 2015/16 (2);
-       Policy regarding team support personnel remains in development, with input to be provided by the new High Performance Advisory Group (HPAG) (3)
-       Athlete induction process being re-written ahead of major team departures in 2015; Athletics Australia also involved in Aussie Aths Fans supporters Beijing trip 2015 (5)
-       Internal culture being addressed by CEO, to be supported further by the new GM, People and Culture (6)
-       Role and composition of the Athletes Commission to be reviewed as part of the broader review of committees, referenced above (8)
-       The terms of reference for a new HPAG have been approved by the Board and will be published on the Athletics Australia website shortly. The previous HPC has been disbanded (10)
-       The position description of the Head Coach was developed with this Review in mind, ahead of Craig Hilliard’s appointment to the role. Details on Hilliard and his position are available here. (12)
-       A new Risk Management Plan is currently under consideration by the Audit & Risk Committee (20)

Our next update will be provided in mid-August, following the meeting on 11 August.

Athletics Review Committee Chair
Athletics Australia Vice President


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