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ARMC - Communique 1

ARMC - Communique 1

Athletics Review Monitoring Committee meets for the first time

Author: Anonym/Friday, 17 April 2015/Categories: All News, Events

Communique 1
Date: 17 April 2015

The inaugural meeting of the Athletics Review Monitoring Committee (ARMC) was held on Tuesday 31 March. The Committee was established in response to the ‘Overarching Recommendation’ in the ‘Independent Review of Athletics in Australia’ released on Friday 27 February.

It is charged with responsibility of overseeing and reporting on the progress of Athletics Australia, including at times its relevant stakeholders, as they implement the recommendations of the review recently undertaken into the sport.

The ARMC will comprise of the following representatives:

Athletics Australia (AA)
-       Matt Mahon – Director, Athletics Australia- Committee Chair
-       Jan Swinhoe – Director, Athletics Australia
-       Phil Jones - CEO/Interim CEO 

Australian Sports Commission (ASC)/Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
-       Michael Thomson, GM, Participation and Sustainable Sport
-       Geoff Howes, Deputy GM, Participation and Sustainable Sport
-       AIS (TBC) 

Kathryn Duff (ASC) will provide administrative support to the ARMC.

A number of key decisions were made at this meeting:
-       It was agreed that the Committee should be called the ‘Athletics Review Monitoring Committee’ (ARMC) and that current Athletics Australia Vice President Matt Mahon should chair the ARMC.
-       Terms of Reference for the ARMC were agreed and signed off. The final version with be posted on our website shortly.
-       The ARMC will initially meet once every two months as a minimum. Following each meeting the ARMC will report to key stakeholders on progress made in addressing the recommendations;
-       Given that the recommendations made in Athletics Australia’s own Glasgow Review, chaired by Chris Wardlaw, address many similar issues to those of the Independent Review, it was agreed that the ARMC would also consider these recommendations as part of its remit.
-       A management and reporting tool was agreed to record and manage progress against the various recommendations. More information on this will be presented in future updates.
-       The ARMC will next meet in late April at which point it will review the key priorities and action plan for implementing recommendations, most likely with an 18-month focus. This will be communicated to the sport following the next meeting.

The ARMC can report that Athletics Australia has already made progress against a number of the key recommendations in the Independent Review:
-       Recommendation 1: A new strategic planning process has commenced. As part of this an extensive program of consultation is being developed. This process will commence with Member Associations in April before extending to a much wider base of stakeholders nationally from June.
-       Recommendation 2: The Board, with the support of the Interim CEO and COO, recently held the first of its own strategic planning sessions, as it works towards the establishment of a new Strategic Plan for the organisation. Initial focus has been on the vision, values, and key themes for discussion in the forums (Recommendation 1), which may form the key pillars of the Plan.
-       Recommendation 3: Over the coming week, a shortlist of providers is being developed by the ASC with the skills to work with Athletics Australia to conduct an independent Board Performance Review. A scope for the work has been drafted and it is anticipated the project will conclude in June, after which recommendations on board renewal will be finalised and communicated.

Our next update will be provided in early May, following the next meeting at the end of April.

Athletics Review Committee Chair
Athletics Australia Vice President


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