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National Athlete Support Structure

Athletics Australia (AA) runs a high performance (HP) program whose purpose is sustained success on the international stage.  A key part of the HP program is to identify and support named athletes who have the potential to contribute directly to the Australian Institute of Sport’s (AIS’s) Australia’s Winning Edge (AWE) targets.  These athletes are supported through our National Athlete Support Structure (NASS) program.  This document outlines the 2016/17 NASS levels and how and when athletes will be selected. 

The content of NASS program and the benefits that athletes will receive at each level will be published separately and will depend on the resources available to Athletics Australia and the support of our partners in the AIS/SIS/SAS network.  Some benefits may only be available to athletes based in Australia.

The document starts by outlining the overall program and then describing each level.
1.   Program Outline - The purpose of the NASS.
2.   NASS Programs - The programs and levels of NASS.
3.   Membership Requirements - Requirements for athletes to be eligible for NASS membership.
4.   Eligible Performances - Requirements for valid competition performances.

The next sections detail selection rules for the various levels of the NASS program.
5.   Gold & Medal Levels
6.   Finalist Level
7.   World Class Level   
8.   International Level
9.   Commonwealth Level
10. Development Level
11. U19 Talent Squad
12. Team NASS

The remaining sections add more detail to how the selection process works:
13. Selection Panel - NASS selection panel members.
14. Capacity - An athlete’s capacity to meet the aims of the program are critical to inclusion on the NASS program. This section outlines how AA defines “Capacity”.
15. Qualification Matrix - The standards required to be considered for the different program levels.
16. Review Process - How to have a NASS selection decision reviewed.
17. Frequently asked questions - Answers some common questions about the NASS program.  


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