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Compete clean
Compete Clean

The road to success as a high performance athlete involves more than just hard work and dedication. It also means making the right decisions every single day. 

Complex issues face every aspiring high performance athlete … around the use of illicit drugs, the drinking of alcohol or the taking of supplements.

If you really want to do the right thing then you need to Compete Clean.  

'Competing Clean' means you need to be responsible for all decisions you make around your health and well-being both on and off the track. 

Athletics prides itself as a sport that competes clean, with our athletes making great ethical decisions. You must consider your own personal responsibilities as an athlete, especially around alcohol and illicit drugs.  You also need to know your responsibilities around supplement usage.

With support of the Australian Government run Illicit Drugs in Sport initiative, Athletics Australia has developed Compete Clean  - Athletics in Australia’s commitment to a clean sport, encouraged and supported by its athletes to ensure maximum exposure to personal responsibilities to athletes, coaches, and supporting networks.

Athletics Australia has provided the following valuable information to help identify responsibilities and make the right choices.


Athlete produced videos:

Illicit Drugs in sport

In the lead up to Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, Athletics Australia challenged their High Performance Athletes to throw their support behind spreading athletes’ message around competing Illicit Drug Free.

This was done to help promote and inspire our athletes to make responsible decisions around illicit drugs along with other prohibited substances.

Please check out these videos, featuring some of our High Performance Athletes; 


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