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Under 19 Talent Squad

The Athletics Australia Under 19 Talent Squad was introduced in 2007. Athletes selected into this program are recognised as having the potential to become senior international athletes.

Athletics Australia’s U19 Talent Squad is an excellent opportunity for athletes and their personal coaches to work with some of the Australia’s best coaches. Athletics Australia heavily invests in our U19 athletes and coaches by providing this development opportunity which includes training and education sessions in a variety of different areas.  These include; psychology, injury prevention and management, nutrition, high performance life skills, supplements & ASADA education, strength & conditioning and recovery to name a few. The camps also give personal coaches the opportunity to work one on one with National Junior Coaches to assist them with the planning and development of their athletes. 

Athletes and their personal coaches attend two camps at which they work closely with the NJC and a group of current Flame athletes. 

Aims of the program include:
- To set up a network of support around talented athletes to assist the transitional period from junior to senior athletics e.g. NJC, AA staff, sport science and other squad members
- To further educate, inspire and develop athletes with a view to senior international representation
- To build athletes understanding of the behaviours and commitment required to be an elite athlete


2016 u19 squad members

Congratulations to the following athletes and their personal coaches who have been selected in the 2016 U19 Talent Squad:

ATHLETE State Personal Coach Event Group
Alanah Yukich WA Lyn Foreman Hurdles
Amy Harding-Delooze NSW Ken Green Distance
Annabel McDermott NSW Jimbo Fitzgerald Distance
Askil Mathias NSW Ken/Benn Harradine Throws
Ben Chamberlain WA Tony Chamberlain Distance
Bianca Hansen VIC Gus Puopolo Throws
Callum Corbett WA Lyn Foreman Hurdles
Cameron Searle VIC  Brad Carter Sprints
Cara Feain-Ryan QLD Ben Norton Distance
Celeste Mucci VIC Darren Clark Combined Events
Clare Gibson WA Nenad Peisker High Jump
Conor Warren QLD Benjamin Thomson Javelin
Danielle Shaw VIC Peter Benfier Hurdles
Declan Tingay WA Phil Hollaway Walks
Edward Trippas NSW Lindsay Watson Distance
Grant Szalek WA Bo Szalek High Jump
Harrison Kimpton-Moss VIC Roy Boyd Hurdles
Holly Beecham SA Kym Simons Pole Vault
Jack Hale TAS Wayne Mason Sprints
Jasmine Fountas NSW Lyn Jacenko Horizontal Jumps
Jemima Montag VIC Simon Baker Walks
Jessica Aldridge NSW Rod and Sharon Aldridge Throws
John Dodds QLD Gary Bourne High Jump
Joseph Baldwin VIC Brett Gilligan High Jump
Joseph Deng QLD Diane Sheppard Distance
Joshua Connolly QLD Peter/Sharon Hannan High Jump
Joshua Torley ACT Philo Saunders Distance
Kristina Moore NSW Sharyn Dickson Throws
Kyle Swan VIC Simon Baker Walks
Lauren Ryan VIC Bruce Scriven Distance
Lawson Power VIC Catherine Heijden Sprints
Luke Graves WA Suzi Graves Distance
Mitchell Pepper NSW Raymond Russell Throws
Ned Weatherly VIC Demetri Dionisoupolos Hammer
Nicole Reynolds VIC Peter Benifer Hurdles
Paige Wilson NSW Michael Hameln-Harris High Jump
Phillipa Hajdasz VIC Mark Stewart Pole Vault
Samantha Lenton QLD Grahame Pitt Throws
Tianah List QLD Ben Thomson Javelin
Zach Facioni NSW Ken Green Distance


The 2016 U19 Talent Squad is for athletes born in 1998 & 1999.

Summer Camp:
Dates: 13th - 18th January 2017
Personal coaches required to attend 13th - 15th January 2017
Location: Melbourne 

U19 Matrix Standards 





Squad photo gallery

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