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Course Length: 4 Hours Pre-Course Work + 16 Hours Face-to-Face (Practical and Theory) + 6 Hours Post-Course Work

Locations: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Townsville

Pre-requisites Part A: Current holder of Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach and have held this qualification for 12 months. 

Pre-requisities Part B: Level 2 Advanced Coach Part A

Pathways: Successful participants are eligible to apply for Level 3 IAAF Coach courses. 


Course Statement

The 'Level 2 Advanced Coach' Course gives coaches the opportunity to begin to specialise in either 'Sprints, Relays, & Hurdles,' 'Middle & Long Distance,' 'Jumps,' 'Throws,' or 'Race Walking.' The course comprises of two days of face-to-face training in addition to pre-course and post-course assessment. 

The course is divided between Part A (day one) and Part B (day two) of face-to-face learning. Part A is for all event groups and covers topics including the essence of coaching, development & maturation, general conditioning, skill acquisition, inclusive coaching, planning and evaluating progress. Part B is event-group specific and covers the coaching and technical analysis of your chosen event group. 

Event Groups

The following event groups are offered to be studied as part of the Level 2 Advanced Coach course. Participants are required to complete at least one event group to be accredited as a Level 2 Advanced Coach. 

Sprints, Relays, & Hurdles

Middle & Long Distance



Race Walking

Coaches may undertake multiple event groups.

Course Accreditation

The Level 2 Advanced Coach course is certified by Athletics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission's National Coach Accreditation Scheme. 

Expected Competencies

At the completion of the course it is expected that coaches will be able to satisfy the following criteria:

2-AEGS-1: Display behaviours and standards expected of a coach, and self-evaluate to improve their coaching performance.

2-AEGS-2: Develop and review a coaching plan for the season.

2-AEGS-3: Mange the safety requirements of coaching.

2-AEGS-4: Demonstrate a range of coaching methods and communication techniques.

2-AEGS-5: Adapt a coaching program to include and cater for a range of individual needs.

2-AEGS-6: Assist athletes to develop and improve skills.

2-AEGS-7: Develop activities to improve an athlete's physical abilities. 

2-AEGS-8: Recognise structures and movement of the body in order to analyse performance. 

2-AEGS-9: Take into account growth and development considerations when coaching a range of athletes. 

2-AEGS-10: Assist athletes to use nutritional strategies for sports performance.

2-AEGS-11: Use basic psychological training skills to assist athletes prepare for sports performance.

2-AEGS-12: Advise athletes regarding anti-doping issues. 

Requirements for Successful Completion of the Course

Requirement Due Date
Pre-course Online Modules Seven Days Prior to the Part A Course
100% Attendance of Part A Day of Part A Course
100% Attendance of a Part B Event Group
(Must complete at least one)
Day of Part B Course
Post-Course Online Modules Within Two Weeks of Completing Part A
Level 1 ASADA Online Course Within Two Weeks of Completing Part B
Completion of Six Week Training Program
(One for each Part B Event Group)
Within Two Weeks of Completing Part B


Course Resources

Level 2 Advanced Coach Participant's Manual - Part A

Level 2 Advanced Coach Participant's Manual - Part B (Event Specific)

Intermediate Coaching General Principles Digital Manual

Roy Boyd DVD (Sprints, Relays, & Hurdles Only)


Registration for this course is available online by visiting the Course Calendar or by emailing Athletics Australia for more information. 


At the successful completion of both Part A and Part B participants will receive Level 2 Advanced Coach accreditation with Athletics Australia. 

Recognition of Prior Learning

For those who believe they may have achieved the competencies of a Level 2 Advanced Coach and would like to apply for recognition of prior learning please contact the Coach Accreditation Administrator

RPL Level 2 Advanced Coach   

Athletics Australia
Athletics House
Level 2, 31 Aughtie Drive
Albert Park  VIC 3206

P +61 3 8646 4550
F +61 3 8646 4560